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Forest Hills Gardens is a private community. On-street parking is permitted only for residents and their guests. The parking regulations are in place to preserve the aesthetics of the community and to assure ample parking for residents.


Who is permitted to park on our streets?

The following vehicles may park on our streets with a current FHGC Parking decal or a properly executed parking pass or note.

· Owners of homes, land, or cooperative apartments, including resident members of their immediate families.

· Tenants in private houses and apartments, including resident members of their immediate families.

· Guest of residents while they are visiting.

· Customers or clients of commercial or professional establishments within the Gardens while at the establishment.  These vehicles require a "Commercial Parking Pass" authorized by the FHGC and supplied to the customer by the commercial establishment.

· Congregants of churches located within the Gardens during hours of worship or functions.

· Contractors, service organizations or individuals while performing services for residents or establishments within.


Who may purchase a decal?

· Homeowners, landowners, and owners of cooperative apartments.

· Tenants in private homes and apartment buildings may also purchase decals for their non-commercial vehicles, provided they are registered to their Gardens address and their building is not in arrears in community charges and does not have uncorrected, identified architectural violations.

· Other such persons or parties so authorized by specific decision of FHGC may purchase decals for their non-commercial vehicles provided that the vehicles are registered to their Gardens address, the property owners are not in arrears in community charges and do not have uncorrected, identified architectural violations.


What information is needed to purchase a decal?

· Proof of residency in the Gardens.

· Photocopy of the owner or tenant’s current auto registration with a Gardens address.

· Tenants in private homes and apartment buildings must, in addition, provide a copy of a current lease.

· A current utility or telephone bill with the resident’s name and Gardens address.

In the case of a person living with the owner of a cooperative apartment but whose name is not on the title of ownership, a letter must be provided by the President of the Cooperative’s board of directors indicating that the person is a recognized, full-time resident of the apartment.


Where should the decal be displayed?

Decals must be affixed to the inside of the rear-most window on the driver's side of the car, unless that window is tinted or obscures the view of the decal, in which case, the decal should be affixed to the lower rear corner of the driver’s door window.


What about guests of owners and residents?

Guests (visitors and service personnel without commercial plates) must use a properly worded identification note left on their dashboard. Such notes should be supplied by the resident and must be renewed daily and must contain the current date (for vehicles parked overnight the next date).  Apartment residents must include the apartment or intercom number as well as the building address.


Are decals transferable?

No. When a vehicle bearing an unexpired decal is disposed of, the decal must be removed, whether or not it is damaged in the removal process. Upon presentation of the old decal at the FHGC office and with proof of registration of another vehicle at the Gardens address, a substitute decal will be provided, free of charge, valid for the rest of the calendar year.


What are the penalties for failure to display a parking decal or identification note?

Consequences may include booting or towing of the vehicles.


My car was booted. What do I do?

Follow instructions on the document placed on the windshield by the booting company. You must pay the fine before the boot will be removed. If you feel your car was unfairly booted, the process for appealing the decision is explained on the receipt provided by the booting contractor.


I believe my/my visitor’s car was unfairly booted. What should I do?

Once you pay the fine to have the car unbooted, then you may appeal the fine.