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Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the FHGC office?

2 Tennis Place, on the basement level of the apartment building across the street from the West Side Tennis Club.


When are my annual maintenance charges due?

Annual maintenance charges are due on January 1st. Interest begins to accrue on the unpaid balance on February 1st but is applied retroactively to January 1st. Interest is calculated at 3% above prime.


How is the amount I pay determined?

Property owners vote to approve a budget proposed by the FHGC Board of Directors each year. Each property owner pays a proportionate share of the total amount of the budget based on the square footage of their property.


Does the FHGC recommend contractors?

No. However, the FHGC office keeps a list of referrals received from residents. A contractor’s name is added to the list after three favorable referrals of approved work in the Gardens and is removed from the list after receipt of negative comments.


Who are members of the Forest Hills Gardens Corporation?

All Forest Hills Gardens property owners are members of the FHGC.


How are members of the FHGC Board selected?

Any property owner in good standing may serve on the Board of Directors. A nominating committee, formed by the standing board of directors, interviews candidates and creates a slate. Property owners may suggest members, including themselves, for the committee to interview. A vote is taken at the annual meeting. It is possible for members to run an opposing slate by collecting 20 signatures, as per the FHGC By-Laws.


What meetings are held each year for homeowners?

There are two annual meetings required by the FHGC By-Laws and an optional community meeting:

1) September for the purpose of voting on the proposed budget.

2) December for the purpose of voting on the nominees for the Board of Directors.

3) An optional “Community Meeting” held in May where residents may learn more about the FHGC and meet with Board members, committee Chairs and their members.


Who may attend the meetings?

All residents of Forest Hills Gardens are welcome.  However, only property owners in good standing may vote on issues presented for consideration to the community by the FHGC.


What are the various committees of the FHGC?

There are several committees that help to maintain our community: Architecture, Beautification, Communications, Finance, Legal, Membership, Parking, Security, Traffic, Tree and Upkeep.


What is Declaration No. 3, and where can I find it?

Declaration No. 3, dated April 18, 1913, imposed certain covenants and restrictions on all real estate in the community. You can download a PDF of this document at the following URL: